May 24

Posted by: pw

The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan hosted the 13th Asian Solidarity Conference on 21-24 May 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. The Conference was themed: “70 years after the war, we move toward the resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue”. Afrosian was represented by Mokyeong Kim.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the end of Second World War, the Conference aimed not only at urging the resolution of the given issue but also at sending the victim’s desire of “we should not repeat the painful history for our children”. Survivors from the Philippines, Korea, and China, and participants/representatives from East Timor, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, the US, and Korea gathered in the Conference to show its solidarity in their own way, such as, among others, through testimony, sharing its attempt to resolve the issue, studying together about the national and legal responsibilities on this issue. (In addition, people from the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and North Korea sent in their reports.)

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