Healthy Community: Free Eye Exam for Village People

February 15th, 2016 | pw

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Free on-site eye examination is provided for people in the village of East Java and West Bali.

Activity Snapshot 


Ophtalmologist: dr. Ni Luh Murniati, Sp.M.

Locations: Gunung Raung Village (East Java) and Penyaringan Village (West Bali), Indonesia



To provide accessible eye care for people living in the village 


Preventative eye care


Medical examination



Eye Examination:

Onsite eye examination and consultation are provided free of charge for people in target villages. Should patient requires serious medical treatment, the eye specialist will refer him/her to the clinic/hospital. 

Medicine Supply:

Certain eye medication can also be obtained free of charge. Other than that, the eye specialist will give prescription if required.