Environmental Education: Bakau Eco-learning

April 28th, 2017 | pw

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Building awareness to the interrelated relations between the environment and humans towards nature conservation.


Program Manager: Marthen Welly & Ni Putu Widyastuti

Location: Indonesia


Ecoliteracy and inspire ecological stewardship for a sustainable future


Bakau Eco-learning is an environmental education program designed to provide experiential learning and a deeper connection with nature. It allows better understanding to the environment and the local community, how the two relate, what conservation efforts that have been undertaken and what kind of supports are needed. The program also enables assistance to the local community’s economy as all facilities used is supported by the locals.

Interacting closely with the natural environment boosts one’s creativity, buffers stress from city’s life. The closer we are to nature and people, the better we articulate our environment and us. Real world, nature is the best classroom. At Bakau Eco-learning, we facilitate individual’s direct communications with nature and at the same time, make them understand how to preserve and improve its ongoing conditions. All modules is prepared by local environmentalists with over 15 years of experience.

One of our immediate issues today is the environment. Mass tourism, rapid urbanization, and human behavior, among others, have created stresses to the ecosystem. Our environment keeps on degrading without adequate efforts to conserve, in addition to the threat of the adversed effects of climate change. It is through Bakau Eco-learning that we try to educate our children, everyone, who are/is interested in “clicking the Action button” to save our planet.


Local community where the field trip takes place


To support ongoing environmental conservation efforts and local economy


Educational field trips


Marine conservation
Marine eco-tourism
Marine science study
Land trash study
Endangered species conservation
Mangrove conservation
Visit to marine protected area (MPA)

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