An opportunity to understand life in proximity we often missed and support schools for children from poor communities in the Philippines.

Project Snapshot 

Program Manager: Michiko Fukuda (Representative of KLF in the Philippines and Japan)


  1. Tetsunagu: School of nature and life”, Japan

Tetsunagu is a voluntary organization and its name means “holding hands” in Japanese. Its mission is as follows: We provide a space that every child is able to be as she/he is, and is guaranteed to make mistakes freely in order to contribute in making the society that everyone is able to embrace oneself and respect diversity of people. Concretely, we conduct an open space project so that the children in the community stay and play.

  1. Cordillera Green Network (CGN), Philippines

CGN is an environmental NGO in Cordillera region (mountain area in Northern Luzon). They are working on environmental education, reforestation, and agroforestry in collaboration with indigenous communities in the region. We served the coffee from CGN for the participants.

More about CGN (in Japanese)

3. (more collaborators are to be involved)

Location: Nagasaki City, Japan (will be expanded to other areas in Japan)



To inform the mission and activities of the school to the public in Japan, and raise fund for school lunch


Café For Sharing is a grass-roots level fund raising project to support an NGO-run school for children from poor communities in the Philippines. KLF opens a temporary café space to share information on the issue and collect fund. A KLF speaker talks about the school while serving coffee and snacks. Thus, it provides the public with opportunities to know the poverty issue in the Philippines in a casual and intimate atmosphere. This project is aimed at both supporting the school and awareness raising rather than just collecting money for the poor.


The beneficiary of this project is an NGO-run school (non-registered) in central Luzon in the Philippines (making school name public is not allowed for us for security reason). The school was established in 2008 for children from the poor communities around. They could not enroll even primary school or continue schooling because of poverty. Furthermore, many of them have been going through neglect, abuse, child labor, and other forms of inadequate treatment. The school, therefore, aims to provide them with personal and loving care as well as basic education so that the children will be able to have self-esteem and hope for the future. In that sense, it is more than a substitute for public schools. However, the school is always short of fund.

As the starting point of our project, we focus on food assistance. To meet children’s basic need through providing school lunch is one of the very crucial activities because their families cannot afford healthy and nutritious food.


  • (For beneficiary)

The children will be able to access satisfactory meals both in quantity and quality at least once a day to maintain their health.

  • (For the public)

The participants will obtain knowledge about poverty in the Philippines and sense of ownership of the issue.


Small-scale gathering


Presentation and casual talk over coffee to collect donation

Event at Tetsunagu