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November 20th, 2015 | pw

People in Nalutuntu Village (Uganda) has been conducting indigenous tree species reforestation as a measure for climate change adaptation (see project page). While they are moving forward with the project, they want to have some trainings during off-harvesting period, for instance, liquid soap-making, and beekeeping by the end of 2016. During rainy season, farmers will rest and it will be the right time to conduct in-house training and practical activities. By far, trainings conducted in rented space and they have to travel to other district. They want to have a place, a training center in their premise. As seen below, they are already building it and need help in finishing it.

Training Center in Nalutuntu Village


training center donation

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You may donate in full (USD1,300) or the equivalent in Rupiah, or in the amount you wish to prescribe.

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 “Thank you for your participation in shaping the social, economic, and environmental future
of the people in Nalutuntu Village”