She Paints Her Sky: Arts that Empower

December 18th, 2015 | pw

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Women and community empowerment program through arts using psychosocial approach.

Project Snapshot 


Program Manager: Ni Putu Widyastuti

Project Manager: Widya Prabandari

Collaborators: Masbrooo Magazine, Danes Art Veranda, Dahana Ceramics, Rutgers WPF Indonesia, Radio Cassanova

Location: Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia



To educate and empower women and the surrounding community members socially and economically


She Paints Her Sky (“SPHS”) is an empowerment program, mainly through arts using psychosocial approach. The first project was collaboratively implemented by four Balinese women artists, who are housewives, mothers, and also painters, and where amongst them are also victims of violence against women.

As it goes, contributions and supports also came from male counterparts, with wider targets that are beyond age and gender: everyone who is interested in self-empowerment. In addition, the objective grows towards reviving art itself and protection to the children.

SPHS took off in Bali and is testing various methods in preparation for the most suitable tools to heal girls, victims of violence in Africa.

SPHS Program

She Paints Her Sky activities, by Krishnalila Foundation


The name of the project, “She Paints Her Sky”, was chosen to mean: (1) that the project aims at women of all ages, which is shown by the word “she”; (2) that activities of the project is related to fine arts, which is shown with the word “paint”; and (3) from consolidating the two words with “her sky”, which means her own world, then “She Paints Her Sky” is a project rooted from fine arts, conducted by female artists (or those wanting to be artists) to empower themselves towards their desired future.


Emotional healing through self-expression to enhance individual well-being, creative thinking, and self-confidence


Psychosocial approach


Art Exhibition:

To mark the launch and introduce the project to public, an art (painting) exhibition was held in conjunction of the national (Indonesian) Mother’s Day on 22 December 2015 at KLF’s gallery. The exhibition lasted for one month, from 22 December 2015 to 21 January 2016. The Mothers’ Day was chosen to remind women to self-actualize, through a (hopefully life-changing) movement. It is also expected that this event can be the starting point for these women painters to network, to collaborate for the sake of the betterment of female artists position in the artists’ network on their own.

More about the art exhibition…

Gallery and online shop establishments:

To support talent development and self-confidence, Krishnalila Foundation provides its Online Shop section for women artists and She Paints Her Sky participants wishing to sell their art works. KLF’s office is also free to use as a space for their activities. KLF has been working with counterparts to establish a center for art activities for women artists and where they can showcase their art works. All these are means towards livelihood improvements. Some percentage of the profit is given to support other She Paints Her Sky activities.

Go to online shop

Art therapy for school children and children with autism:

One of the arts activities will be held for school children who are passionate with developing their skills in art to help them grow. As for children with autism, to have them engage in art activities is one of the best therapies for them, which will help them to concentrate.

Art workshops:

A number of workshops have been conducted for public taking different themes related to art and psychology for character development.

Self-Portrait Painting Workshop

Ceramic Workshop with Mahin Ickna

CSE Workshop for mothers:

Mommies often find difficulties in accessing the right information for their children’s comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to protect them from sexual predators, therefore, meeting and sharing is an important first step.

Mommies & Kids in Intimate Conversation: A Comprehensive Sexuality Education